Questions Related to Blisters and Bone for Anatomy Students

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Questions Related to Blisters and Bone for Anatomy Students

1) Two common blisters of the integument are watery blisters, filled with a clean fluid, and blood blisters, filled with blood. Based on your knowledge of the blood supply to the integument, describe what layer might be damaged in the these two blisters

2) Synthetic bone material know as hydroxyapatite is frequently molded into the shape of the bone. This procedure is done to replace diseased, damaged, or surgically removed bone. Cells in the body remodel the synthetic material and produce new bone. What bone cells do you predict to be involved in this remodeling in this remodeling, and what role do these cells have?

3) Describe the nature of decalcified bone. What was removed in the process of decalcification, and what impact did this have on the bone structure?

4) Frequently, the clavicle is broken when the arms are extended to brace a fall. explain how hitting the ground with your hand can fracture the clavicle?